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Looking for a key profile to join your company?

Then you know that posting a job on LinkedIn and specialized portals consumes too many resources:

And this process can take, at best, 3 months!

Altorecruit Solution

Cut in half the time you dedicate to the recruitment process

Now, imagine you have a specialized partner in your sector who accompanies you to find talent and quickly incorporate them into the team.

We assume the cost of publication

We do multiposting: we post the vacancy on our internal system, on LinkedIn, and on all specialized job portals, completely assuming the cost of publishing the offer.

Your company remains anonymous

By posting the offer on your behalf, the company remains anonymous. Don't worry about the competition knowing that you're conducting the selection process.

Avoid annoying follow-up calls

We manage all communication with the candidates so you don't have to receive any calls or emails asking about the selection process. Plus, you avoid having to personally reject unqualified candidates.

You know what candidates are looking for

We specialize in your sector and know the salary ranges and benefits offered to attract high-performing talent. This way, you can be more competitive and offer what's fair so they want to work with you.

Highest Specialization

We select key profiles from these industries

Specialization and knowledge of the needs of these sectors allow us to know where the talent is and how to attract it to your company.



Packaging and Containers



Automation and Robotics


Renewable Energies and Recycling

IT - Technology

Food and Retail

Altorecruit Method

A method that increases the chances of a successful match

We use all possible channels to find the best talent for your team.

Preparation and Objectives

Initial briefing with the client, joint plan development, position definition, and key aspects.

Recruitment and Selection

Promotion of the vacancy on job portals, databases, and access to relevant passive candidates.

Evaluation and Interviews

Competency assessment, soft and hard skills evaluation, motivation, and alignment with the company culture.

Reporting and Communication

Weekly report and direct contact with the client to show progress in the ongoing selection process.

Presentation of Candidates

Organization of interviews, request for references, psychometric testing, negotiation of economic offers.

Constant Follow-up

Continuous support in onboarding and hiring, including replacement guarantee if necessary.

We are present where the talent is

Free yourself from the selection process and continue with your activities

Focus on your business and don’t interrupt your operations. Altorecruit takes care of everything: from candidate search to receiving CVs, conducting interviews, and final selection.


Personal Selection

Executive Search​

Volume recruitment

RPO Service

Psychometric Test - DISC -

International Recruitment Consultancy

Interim Management

Companies happy to work with Altorecruit

A new era has arrived: talentism

In the 21st century, talent is the essential element driving organizations. Altorecruit is an international team of professionals with over 10 years of experience that assists companies in recruiting high-performing professionals in this new era of talentism.

Founding Partners

Carmelo Pérez

Carmelo Pérez

Senior International Recruiter

Jonathan Medina

Business Consultant & Marketing Director

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