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Our experiences over 10 years has proven that an innovative approach to the recruitment process achieves the best results. The ideal person may not be actively considering a change in career at the time and therefore a proactive approach is required to identify applicants.

To every project is assigned to a multilingual consultant to guide and support the client using our specifics resources and knowledge industry. For each brief it is essential that the Consultant fully understands the client’s objectives.

For all projects Altorecruit will create a bespoke Project Management Tools that will help to identify the right talent for the role.

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Deep knowledge of the industries where we operate.

Mutilingual team

A highly and experience multilingual team.

Global networking

We support companies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, UK, Asia, Middle East, Latin America or US.


Altorecruit has a highly skilled set of talents that are built on referral and successful partnerships from the industry.


With our ultimate technology we can approach more candidates and referals than ever. Submitting candidates in a short period of time.

Competitives rates

Altorecruit rates are very competitive. We also provide a guarantee of free replacement to our clients.

Professional ambassadors

We will be your professional ambassadors to your business and projects.


Our extensive network is a considerable advantage. We have access to those that operate within its chosen markets. This provides access to potential talent, referral points and sources of market intelligence.
Altorecruit will support your recruitment needs across all functions and levels of seniority, ie: entry level, management to senior executive. We delivery results through innovative sourcing and assessment processes, utilizing our multi-lingual and skilled consultants.

Altorecruit delivers recruitment activities to the following industries:

Chemical, Plastics and Additives
Plastics Recycling
Packaging industry
Industrial Automation
Distribution, Logistics & Wearhouse